Here are a few resources to use with a church prayer team:

Prayers for the Weekend Services – A great resource that a prayer team can utilize for the weekend services.

Partnering in Prayer for our Pastor — A guide for praying for pastors and their families.

Why Pray With a Group — Thirty-two reasons why we should utilize the power of corporate prayer.

Beginning a Prayer Ministry — Some first steps in starting a prayer ministry in your church

Prayer Ideas — A list of suggested prayer ideas that can fit with the vision of your church and prayer ministry

Praying Throughout the Church — God has blessed us with church buildings. Celebrate His goodness and mercy by praying through several church locations. Suggestions for each location are given in this document.

Praying the Prayers of Paul — is a resource can assist you in praying scripture for church leaders.

Steps to Powerful Prayer — A resource that gives what its title suggests: steps to make your prayers powerful.

*Also see the Prayer section of the RCA Website.